Race report

Joris Nieuwenhuis battles to second place in Woerden

Nacht van Woerden

Joris Nieuwenhuis continued his cyclocross season with a race under the lights at Nacht van Woerden. Having finished third at the event last season, Nieuwenhuis was keen to repeat his podium finish this year; aiming to go even better.

It was a fast and exciting evening, with a lot of action throughout the hour. Nieuwenhuis was part of a trio that escaped early into the race that worked well together, building up a good gap. A small crash forced Nieuwenhuis to drop back, but he fought and battled his way to the head of the race again, ultimately ending the race in second place.

“It was a pretty exciting race,” explained Nieuwenhuis. “A group of three of us got a gap quickly and we all contributed to grow the gap. I made a small mistake and crashed on one of the laps so I had to change shoes and then had to bridge the gap again. At that point Lars had a flat and we came back together at the front of the race. Then he just made an attack that I couldn’t follow; he always shows that this circuit is one that suits him. I’m happy with my podium place, so I want to keep this vibe going into the next races.”