Injury Update: Tom Dumoulin

Injury update

After the Tour de France was ruled impossible for Tom Dumoulin, the decision was made for rest and therapy, with a full recovery being the first priority.

“As we all know Tom crashed hard in the Giro and the impact caused several different injuries to his bone, tendon, cartilage and soft tissue within his knee,” said Team Sunweb physician Anko Boelens. “We closely monitored the injuries via MRI scans and step by step, together with Tom, determined the optimum between rest, training and treatment. At the moment, the tendon is the limiting factor. For the last three weeks the focus on making it to the TDF has been shifted to a focus on full recovery and that will continue to be the case in the next period.”

Tom is currently capable of doing easy spins, but not intensive training. As soon as he can resume to full training new goals can be formulated and communicated accordingly.