Tom Dumoulin Update

Injury Update

Update – 17/06

After abandoning the Criterium du Dauphiné last Saturday, Team Sunweb’s Tom Dumoulin underwent additional examinations this weekend at OCON Medical Centre to further confirm the irritation to his knee. After successful treatment, Tom is now en route to altitude camp.

Team Sunweb physician Camiel Aldershof explained: “Tom underwent minor surgery yesterday, in which they removed what initially looked like a metal splinter, but was ultimately a tiny shard of gravel. We decided to remove the piece because it was causing a slight inflammatory reaction. Tom did a test ride this morning and all went well. He is now cleared to travel to altitude and continue his preparations. Progression will be closely monitored day by day, possibly adapting training plans accordingly, but the signs are good already.”

Update – 18/06 – 14h00 CEST.

Tom Dumoulin’s travel to altitude has been postponed. After initially deciding to make the trip to La Plagne, it was decided to stay a little longer at home at the last moment.

Yesterday the team reported he was cleared to travel to altitude camp after test ride in the morning, but the travel has been postposed for a few days. It has been a hectic week for the 28-year-old with various ups and downs. The additional few days at home allow Tom to take it easy with his knee and take some extra relaxed days.