Tech behind the two stripes: Fruitflow®

On today’s first Tour de France rest day Team Sunweb are pleased to present one of their numerous Tour de France additions, Fruitflow®, a natural product proven to aid recovery, developed in cooperation with innovation partner, DSM.

The latest addition to aid athletes recovery, Fruitflow®, is now used by Team Sunweb’s riders during the 2018 Tour de France. Team Sunweb Nutrition Expert, Titia van der Stelt “We’ve been researching ways to improve recovery and started this project together with our innovation partner DSM. Fruitflow® is a product that helps to reduce stress factors in the blood caused by high intensity efforts and it improves the blood flow. This means that riders can recover faster overnight, as well reducing the chance of cardiovascular problems. It is completely natural as it is based on anti-platelet compounds from tomatoes. We add Fruitflow® to the riders’ daily diet to enable a healthy blood flow. Now an innovation for us, this is soon to be integrated into the high end sports nutrition of our nutrition partner, Born.”

A breakthrough natural supplement, Fruitflow® is proven to reduce the toxic effects of exercise by more than half. The ingredient is extracted from the jelly around the seeds of sun-ripened tomatoes, so is 100 percent natural and is then produced into a highly concentrated form of over 30 water-soluble bioactive compounds that is clinically proven to help with platelet aggregation, an impact of intense exercise.

“For top athletes, the margins between victory and failure are slim. Professional athletes need their nutrition to support them in every way possible, through both training and events,” comments Ruedi Duss, global business and marketing manager at DSM Nutritional Products. “Fruitflow® was the first natural cardio-protective functional ingredient to receive approval of an Article 13.5 claim from the European Commission and is ideal for cyclists that need to support their recovery for maximum performance.”