van der Stelt

Losser, Netherlands
Position in the team
BA Nutrition & Dietetics, Post BA Sports Nutrition, Master in Movement Sciences
Obstacle course racing
Favourite food
Korma Curry
Favourite TV show
Game of Thrones
Favourite holiday destination
Favourite race
Vuelta a España

Titia van der Stelt; the mastermind behind Team Sunweb’s nutrition. An expert in the field, Titia has her own dietician practice which specialises in sports nutrition. Her job involves work with athletes from a variety of sports – Olympic weightlifters, cross-fit, judo, kart racing, runners and cyclists – you name it, Titia helps strengthen their nutritional knowledge.

Titia joined the team in 2016 and has since passed the baton of running her practice on to her employees to enable her to focus fully on her role at the team.

“I’m responsible for everything nutrition-related in the team. From innovation with our partners to ensuring the riders are eating the best foods on certain moments, all athletes are continuously supported with nutrition.”

Like many Dutch people, Titia started speed skating at five years old and at age 12, started cycling to maintain her fitness levels.

“I used to hate cycling, I was always 50 metres behind the group, all by myself!”

The next year things fell into place and her love for the sport began to grow as she joined a local cycling club. Still a keen athlete herself, Titia also competes professionally in obstacle course racing and enjoys running, snowboarding and speed skating.

The Tour de France was always on in the van der Stelt household, as Titia’s father was a keen cyclist too. Years later Titia herself attends the Tour de France, and other Grand Tours, cooking for Team Sunweb’s riders ensuring their nutrition intake is optimum throughout the three weeks of gruelling racing. “My favourite Grand Tour is the Vuelta. It’s a bit of an ‘underdog’ in the Grand Tours but the people and environment are often spectacular.”

She hopes other people would describe her as: “someone who is very passionate about opportunities that come my way. Whether a new nutrition innovation, a personal goal, or successful process; I won’t ever give up or miss any opportunity.”