Maastricht, Netherlands
Cycling, sports, family
Favourite food
A lot
Favourite holiday destination
Favourite race
Favourite TV show
Narcos, La Casa de Papel, Game of Thrones, Friends, Peaky Blinders

A string of great performances in June last year saw Nils finish ninth on GC at the brutally tough Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc and third in the time trial at the national championships.

“In Mont Blanc it was a really nice week, I prepared really well for the race. Every day it went better and better, so for my first time competing in the high mountains it was a really nice boost. It has given me some confidence.”

A consummate professional, Nils is more than willing to work for others and really appreciates the big family feel of the team, something that helped him to settle in during his first season with Development Team Sunweb.

“I’ve learned that results don’t necessarily matter, it is more the process and that you give everything for the team. This year I got some nice results, but I did a lot of work for the team. It is a nice feeling when you can do your job well and see the guys in the team do well.”

Nils also enjoys the basics of cycling; being able to ride on the open roads with friends and take in the nature, with it being a good social activity.

Away from the sport Nils still studies which he combines with his cycling, giving him a good balance to his life. When he’s not studying, Nils loves to watch other sports on the TV or something on Netflix, to help him switch off from cycling.


3 National Championships Netherlands U23 ITT
4 Le Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc Youth Classification
9 Le Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc
9 Le Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc Stage 5
9 Tour Alsace Teamprologue
16 Le Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc Stage 4
21 Le Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc Stage 2
22 Okolo Slovenska / Tour de Slovaquie Youth Classification
23 Circuit des Ardennes International Youth Classification
23 Veenendaal-Veenendaal Classic
2 Carpathian Couriers Race Stage 1
5 National Championships Netherlands U23 Road Race
8 Carpathian Couriers Race Mountains Classification
11 National Championships Netherlands U23 ITT
21 Carpathian Couriers Race Youth Classification
29 Carpathian Couriers Race Stage 3 (ITT)
29 Carpathian Couriers Race Points Classification
33 Carpathian Couriers Race Stage 6
34 Carpathian Couriers Race
36 Carpathian Couriers Race Stage 5
7 National Championships Netherlands U23 ITT
27 Olympia's Tour Youth Classification
28 Olympia's Tour Stage 6
43 Olympia's Tour Prologue
47 Olympia's Tour
68 Olympia's Tour Stage 5
72 Olympia's Tour Stage 2
73 Olympia's Tour Stage 3
76 Olympia's Tour Stage 4