Queidersbach, Germany
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Cycling runs in the family for Niklas Märkl with his grandfather, parents and sister all pushing the pedals. His passion for the sport built quickly, as soon as he started racing. He played football for a while, but by the age of 14, cycling had won that battle. As well as family around him to support his cycling ambitions, Niklas also had a mentor in Udo Bölts, an ex-professional that lives near his home town.

Now he simply loves the sport: “I love the lifestyle of cycling. It’s a job but you don’t have to be in an office at 8am. I can choose 10am, or 11am, and racing – I love it. That is the main factor for me.

“I like competing, I am a fighter and think my positioning within the finale is good. I like it when races are hectic, I can handle that stress well. Winning motivates me, but also seeing I am making steps, both in cycling and in life – that keeps me going.”

A sprinter and classics rider, Niklas is aiming to develop further next season, hoping to take chances when he gets them and prove what he is capable of after a second place in a stage of the 2018 Olympia’s Tour.


Niklas Märkl | Team Sunweb
Niklas Märkl | Team Sunweb
Niklas Märkl | Team Sunweb

“Last season I developed well and was an important factor in our lead-out with Max or Nils, and also proved I can be a good team member and motivate the guys. Team Sunweb is like a big family. It is a big team, but it still feels really familiar. When I first joined last season, I was immediately integrated and felt welcome.

“In this professional environment – from the riders, to the staff, the trainers and the coaches, everything is on point and that for me is the best way for me to develop. The spirit of this team motivates everyone and if you believe in it, you can grow in this philosophy.”

Niklas counts himself as a loyal team member, who can at once be focused and serious, but also crack jokes and make people laugh when the moment is right.

Away from cycling, Niklas enjoys spending time with his friends, family and girlfriend.


1 Youngster Coast Challenge
1 Istarsko Proljeće - Istrian Spring Trophy Prologue
4 Grand Prix Criquielion
4 Tour de l'Avenir Stage 1
5 Le Triptyque des Monts et Châteaux Stage 3
5 Okolo Slovenska / Tour de Slovaquie Youth Classification
6 Trofej Umag Umag Trophy
6 Tour Alsace Teamprologue
9 Tour de l'Avenir Team Time Trial
9 Tour de l'Avenir Points Classification
2 Olympia's Tour Stage 4
3 Le Triptyque des Monts et Chateaux Youth Classification
4 Olympia's Tour Stage 1
6 Olympia's Tour Points Classification
7 Olympia's Tour Youth Classification
8 Olympia's Tour Stage 5b (ITT)
13 National Championships Germany U23 ITT
16 Olympia's Tour Stage 6
17 Olympia's Tour
17 Tour Alsace Teamprologue
1 Course de la Paix Juniors Points Classification
1 Trofeo comune di Vertova Memorial Pietro Merelli
1 Trofeo Emilio Paganessi
1 Course de la Paix Juniors Stage 4
2 Trofeo Karlsberg
2 Trophée Centre Morbihan Points Classification
2 Internationale Niedersachsen-Rundfahrt der Junioren Points Classification
2 Giro della Lunigiana Points Classification
2 Giro della Lunigiana Stage 3
2 Trophée Centre Morbihan Stage 3