Monaco, France
Favourite food
Tagliatelle tartufo bianco
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Game of Thrones
Favourite holiday destination
Anywhere I haven't been yet!
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Vuelta a España


Son of cycling legend Stephen Roche, new superstar signing Nicholas Roche has been on a bike as long he can remember. The Irishman remembers seeing photographs of him as a two-year-old riding around the garden but didn’t start racing until he was 12 years old, first taking part in a school boy’s race in Dublin. Initially balancing cycling against rugby, he chose bike racing after tearing his cruciate ligament on the rugby pitch. And after that, he couldn’t wait to sit on a start line again.

“I love the pain and the fighting, not giving up. You’re racing against others, but you’re also racing against yourself too. It’s a combination of things – the stress, the focus you have to have, how quickly things can change, the adrenaline – I loved it.”

After a rocky 2018 all-rounder Nico, who finished fifth at the 2013 Vuelta a España, is hoping to have a big impact at Team Sunweb, a team he describes as the perfect match for him at this stage of his career.

“Last season was the worst year of my career, despite some decent results it was nothing like I expected for the amount of training I put in and it was so frustrating to not perform. I just want to prove what I’m capable of amongst the best riders.


Nicholas Roche | Team Sunweb
Nicholas Roche | Team Sunweb
Nicholas Roche | Team Sunweb
Nicholas Roche | Team Sunweb

“It is a professional team and what attracted me as well as their charismatic leader, Tom. He is one of the best riders in the peloton and for me it’s an exciting challenge. It’s exciting to be here amongst young talented riders, some very good experienced riders and some top climbers as well, and hopefully I can be that link between the high mountains and the flat roads – the younger and older riders.”

At times hyperactive as a child, Nico is hardworking, determined, sociable and passionate, and at times impulsive. Away from cycling, he has always dreamt of owning a restaurant and opened Little Farm in London with his best friend in 2017, and on top of all of that, has written an autobiography.

On a recovery day, you’ll find Nico sipping coffee and reading the newspaper at a café in Monaco, as well as shopping and enjoying fine food and wine. He also has a passion for fast cars.