Anton Wacker

Sittard, Netherlands
Cycling, listening to Vinyls, Fifa
Favourite food
Favourite TV show
Friends & Family Guy
Favourite holiday destination
New York
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“It was a good first year: challenging, with a lot of new experiences. I’ve learned how to race like a professional and also act like one off of the bike too.”

Former junior Gent-Wevelgem winner, Ludvig had a good opening year with the Development program where he helped to contribute to the team’s success at races such as the Youngster Coast Challenge.

Ludvig’s father used to race and once he got the chance to take up the sport himself at around the age of eight, it didn’t take long for him to stop playing football and focus on cycling.

Motivated to become a better rider, Ludvig takes inspiration from being around his teammates at the Keep Challenging Center. He enjoys being with them and seeing how they act on and off the bike and learning from the different cultures within the team.

Thankful for the opportunities his sport brings, Ludvig likes to explore new places around Europe through cycling that he would never think to go to otherwise, with Slovakia being one of his highlights in 2019.

Ludvig Anton Wacker | Team Sunweb
Ludvig Anton Wacker | Team Sunweb
Ludvig Anton Wacker | Team Sunweb
Ludvig Anton Wacker | Team Sunweb

Off the bike, Ludvig enjoys spending time with his girlfriend back in Denmark or relaxing by playing Fifa on the Playstation. A budding cook, Ludvig also spends a lot of his free time in Sittard doing just that.

“I’m trying to learn how to make pizza, which is proving challenging. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I make all of it from scratch, with my own sauce and dough. I try to do it as good as possible, but the spinning and throwing of the dough is definitely the most difficult bit!”


13 National Championships Denmark U23 Road Race
40 Craft Ster van Zwolle
92 Trofej Umag Umag Trophy
158 Trofej Poreč Poreč Trophy
5 National Championships Denmark U23 Road Race
24 National Championships Denmark U23 ITT
27 Circuit des Ardennes International Stage 4
32 Okolo Slovenska / Tour de Slovaquie Youth Classification
40 National Championships Denmark ITT
41 Omloop Mandel-Leie-Schelde Meulebeke
42 Circuit des Ardennes International Youth Classification
57 Veenendaal-Veenendaal Classic
62 Trofej Umag Umag Trophy
79 Trofej Poreč Poreč Trophy
3 Aubel - Thimister - Stavelot Stage 2b
4 Sint-Martinusprijs Kontich Mountains Classification
4 Course de la Paix Juniors Stage 2b
4 Sint-Martinusprijs Kontich Stage 4
5 Sint-Martinusprijs Kontich Individual Time Trial
10 Paris Roubaix Juniors
10 Aubel - Thimister - Stavelot Stage 1
10 Aubel - Thimister - Stavelot Team Time Trial
15 Trofeo Emilio Paganessi
17 Course de la Paix Juniors Points Classification