Frankfurt, Germany
Lots of different sports
Favourite food
Spare ribs
Favourite TV show
Favourite holiday destination
Spain/Anywhere it's sunny
Favourite race
Tour de France

Now entering his third year with the Development program, Leon wants to share his experiences with the newer members of the team, but at the same time he also wants to learn from them too.

2019 marked a great year as he continued his development and took the U23 German road race title.

“We played it smart during the race and were able to come away with the win. I couldn’t believe it and I’m really proud to be able to wear the jersey during the U23 races.”

Originally a football player, Leon made the switch to cycling at the U15 level after a neighbour introduced him to the sport. He instantly fell in love with both the adrenaline of racing but also the freedom of the open road when out training.

Leon Heinschke | Team Sunweb
Leon Heinschke | Team Sunweb
Leon Heinschke | Team Sunweb
Leon Heinschke | Team Sunweb

Off the bike, Leon enjoys socialising with the rest of the guys at the Keep Challenging Center where they often go bouldering around Sittard or visiting family and friends at home.

Looking ahead, Leon wants to continue his development on and off the bike and make another step up in performance level. Whether that be achieving personal success or helping his teammates to the top step of the podium.

“If you ride 100 percent for the team, it is always a way nicer feeling at the finish, and you are always really happy for the guy that wins on the team. It feels like a real team effort.”


1 Ronde de l'Isard Team Time Trial
7 Trofej Poreč Poreč Trophy
9 Ronde de l'Isard Stage 1
14 National Championships Germany Road Race
16 Ronde de l'Isard Points Classification
17 Ronde de l'Isard Stage 2a
29 Ronde de l'Isard Youth Classification
36 European Continental Championships U23 Road Race
37 Ronde de l'Isard
38 Le Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc Youth Classification
1 National Championships Germany U23 Road Race
2 Okolo Slovenska / Tour de Slovaquie Youth Classification
4 Le Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc Stage 1
5 Boucles de la Mayenne Youth Classification
5 Istarsko Proljeće - Istrian Spring Trophy Prologue
8 Tour de l'Ain Youth Classification
9 National Championships Germany U23 ITT
9 Tour de l'Avenir Team Time Trial
9 Tour Alsace Teamprologue
9 Boucles de la Mayenne Prologue
4 National Championships Germany U23 ITT
17 Olympia's Tour Stage 1
17 Tour Alsace Teamprologue
18 Tour de l'Ain Youth Classification
21 Olympia's Tour Stage 5b (ITT)
36 Olympia's Tour Stage 3
39 Tour de l'Ain Stage 1
41 Olympia's Tour Stage 2
43 European Continental Championships U23 ITT
48 Boucles de la Mayenne Prologue