de Haan

Eindhoven, Netherlands
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USA roadtrip
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Koen has worked as a trainer for more than 11 years; alongside cycling he has also worked in the triathlon and swimming industry. Before joining Team Sunweb in November 2017, Koen gained seven years’ experience whilst working in other cycling and triathlon teams.

Koen also organises training camps and training days to encourage further development and also has a special focus on the Women’s program’s team time trial.

“Working each day with my riders on their road to reach their goals really motivates me. Seeing riders reach their full potential physically and mentally on a human powered mechanical machine is inspiring and what I love most about the job.”

Koen’s passion for sport began in the eighties when we would watch the Tour de France and ride his BMX bike in his spare time. On his days off you could find Koen at a concert, or drinking good coffee and eating food with friends. A guy who’s always in search of the optimum, Team Sunweb’s characteristics sit close to home with Koen.

“Always dream, think and talk together about goals. Plan the race. Race the plan. Improve the plan. Repeat.”