Position in the team
Köln, Germany
BA Sports Science
Favourite food
Ice cream
Favourite TV show
Watching YouTube
Favourite holiday destination


After completing his studies in Sports Science, Hendrik Werner took up a position doing performance tests and training programs for numerous cyclists with a wide range of goals. Following this, he joined IAM Cycling and in 2016, joined the ranks of Team Sunweb.

Werner’s role in the team focuses on coaching and training, and he spends time creating training schedules for riders, planning training and altitude camps as well as going along to races with both the men’s and women’s program.

A German native, Hendrik’s passion for the sport began in 1997, after watching Jan Ullrich win the Tour de France. After this, he swapped from running to cycling.

“I didn’t cycle for a long distance, but I went pretty quick that first time. This was the start of my continuous passion for the sport. I started to become interested in the corresponding science and performance related mind-body interaction.”

Hendrik is eager to learn from the challenges that sport brings and understanding and learning from them “keeps me hungry every day.”

His career highlight is Team Sunweb’s historical world championships victories in Bergen in 2017. The trainer behind the winning teams, Hendrik said:

“It was the outcome of tremendous work. The thoughts and decisions were perfectly pre-managed, the riders were prepared confident and safe. This proved world class teamwork.”

Passionate about cycling both in and outside of work, on his days off you can find Hendrik riding his bike. “I’m aware that the more you know within a certain field, the more you realise how much more there is to learn. The feelings associated with progress drives me and I try to use this within cooperation with our riders.”