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Felix Gall


Felix’s love for cycling began when he was training and racing as a triathlete. But with only two sessions a week dedicated to the sport, he gave it up after two years and fully focused on cycling. What initially began as a love for training outside in nature with a few amateur races thrown in for fun, became a fully-fledged racing career.

Now in his third season with Team Sunweb Development, junior world road race champion Felix is making the most of the chance to once again challenge himself in an environment he believes is conducive to high performance.

“For an U23 rider, this is the best team for you. It’s really professional, almost like the WorldTour team in terms of the structure and organisation. When you talk to other U23 riders, they tell me how their team is organised and there is a big difference. This is the best team for developing riders who still have so much potential.”

Felix demonstrated some strong climbing last season in stage races such as Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc and Tour de l’Avenir but hopes to develop his skills as an all-rounder, to prove himself in one-day classics in 2019. The 20-year-old is aiming for good results in the spring, before backing them up with a strong showing in stage races later in the season, in the mountains.

“I’d love a win a stage race. I got some good results in 2018 but I want to make the next step now, especially after having some health problems in the run-up to the World Championships. That is what motivates me – when you have a really good day, you can win, get a good result, it’s the best. It’s what you are looking for, it’s why you ride – that feeling.”

Described by his teammates as someone who “lives slow and rides fast”, the calm and focused Austrian loves long rides in nature, seeing the world with friends, as well as challenging himself in training. He also played keyboard for five years and likes to entertain the family at Christmas with a rendition of Jingle Bells.


1 Youth Classification Le Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc
3 Stage 2 Grand Prix Priessnitz spa
4 Le Tour de Savoie Mont Blanc
4 Stage 3 Grand Prix Priessnitz spa
4 Youth Classification Grand Prix Priessnitz spa
9 Mountains Classification Grand Prix Priessnitz spa
9 Youth Classification Tour de l'Ain
19 Rund um Köln
22 Mountains Classification Tour de l'Ain
26 Road Race National Championships Austria
1 Tf GD Dorigo MO Biemmereti MO Cristiano Floriani MO Ferramenta Mazzero
3 Tour du Pays de Vaud
3 Stage 2a Tour du Pays de Vaud
5 Stage 3 Course de la Paix Juniors
6 G.P. Sportivi Sovilla-La Piccola SanRemo