Lucinda Brand takes first World Cup win at Tabor

Racing in Tabor today, Team Sunweb’s Lucinda Brand has taken her first world cup victory.

Sprinting away from her competition on the home straight to take the win on the icey course, Lucinda Brand was crowned the winner whilst racing in the Czech Republic today. Also competing in the elite men’s category, Joris Nieuwenhuis held on to take a solid 8th place.


Speaking after the win, Lucinda said: “I didn’t have the quickest start, but it was one long line and I could take advantage of being in the wheels to try to move closer to the front. I was feeling strong but on every lap there was a really icey section where it was difficult to even walk normally, I knew I felt good so I just had to stay calm and I managed to come back every time. I’m super happy with my first world cup win.”

Joris said: “My start position is still a bit of a struggle, but after my start I started to make up places pretty quickly. I also immediately had a good feeling both physically and mentally. After the last world cup in Bern I’m happy I could show my good form here and looking forward to tomorrow.”