Roy Curvers   
Roy Curvers
The Netherlands
Roggel, the Netherlands
Riders Type
Captain / All-rounder
Favourite Giant Bike
Propel - it's fast!
Pro Since
2017 Race kms
2017 Race Days

ABOUT Roy Curvers

At the end of every school day Roy and his friends would grab their bikes and race through the streets of the small village Haelen, the Netherlands, pretending to be Frans Maassen, the former Dutch cyclist who lived in the same village. After noticing his love for the sport, his parents thought that it would be good for him to join the local cycling club. With each year that passed he continued to progress and eventually his hard work paid off by securing a professional contract.

38-year-old Curvers has been a member of the team since its launch. He lives and breathes the team’s philosophy and has developed into a great team leader who is able to create a positive atmosphere amongst his colleagues. With his experience and his approach towards cycling, he’s often referred to as a father-figure to the young riders in the team.

His positivity, knowledge and tactical skills are needed in both the Classics and Grand Tours. “I’m always thinking about how to race smart, the strategy we choose and how we can use individual strengths to achieve our common goal. I love to play the tactical game. It’s not only about who’s the strongest guy in the peloton, but also which team is the smartest. I really enjoy the races in which we’re too smart for the other teams.”

In last year’s Tour de France Curvers played an important role in the team’s win of the green and mountains jersey, as well as four stage wins. “I think the good flow in the Tour de France started with the successes in the Giro d’Italia. The moment we saw our approach was working, everyone in the team was able to rise above themselves.”

"I always want to race smart"