Nils Eekhoff   
Nils Eekhoff
The Netherlands
Riders Type
2017 Race KMS
2017 Race Days

ABOUT Nils Eekhoff

New places, new environments and meeting new people are the three factors that drive Nils Eekhoff’s love for the bike. Often spoke about in cycling is the rider’s love for nature and exploration on their bike, and with Nils this is no different. “I’ve been to Richmond and Qatar, places that you wouldn’t normally go to ride your bike. You get to see another side to places that often go unseen.”

When asked about his season debut highlight, Eekhoff was quick to answer. “The U23 Paris-Roubaix was a really unique moment and it was incredible to win in the Roubaix velodrome.” Humble and gracious, the 19-year-old knows that he couldn’t have secured the prestigious win without the help of his team mates. “When I felt like I couldn’t do it they gave me a pep talk which gave me the spirit I needed to go for it.”

Aside from his winning ways, Nils is learning more and more that development also comes from working for other riders. “At junior level, you do it all alone, but at development level we have the opportunity to learn about tactics and other aspects of riding in a team which is extremely valuable.”

"You get to see another side to places that often go unseen"