Niklas Märkl   
Niklas Märkl
Queidersbach, Germany
2017 race kms
2017 race days

ABOUT Niklas Märkl

Born in a cycling family, both Niklas Märkl’s father and grandfather were keen cyclists. After trying out football, Märkl soon realised that cycling was too, where his passion lay. As well as family around him to support his cycling ambitions, Niklas also had a mentor in Udo Bölts, an ex-professional that lives near his home town. “For the last two years Udo has really helped me with my training. To have someone so experienced mentoring me at such a young age has been great, I’ve learnt a lot from him.”

Like all young cyclists, Märkl one day dreams of riding on the WorldTour. “For now, I can look up to what they do and try to transfer those skills onto myself. It’s so cool that I have all of this so close to me now, being on a Development Program that also has a WorldTour team within their ranks.”

After spending time with Team Sunweb on training camp in early 2017, Niklas immediately knew that this was the team for him. “This is one of the best teams. During this time away with the team I was able to learn a lot and get to know how the team works. I most like how all three programs are connected; development, men and women.”

In his spare time Niklas enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, watching films, spending time with family and eating out at restaurants.

"The connection between the three teams makes it feel like family"