Morten Bennekou   
Morten Bennekou
Fredensborg, Denmark
Position in the team
Human Physiology
Bucket List
I don't have one!
Ride my bike and follow my children's sports
Favourite Holiday Destination

ABOUT Morten Bennekou

Before joining Team Sunweb in 2016, Morten Bennekou worked at the Danish Cycling Federation as a National Coach and Talent Director. After working with the federation for 13 years, he now enjoys working at WorldTour level with the team.

Both a trainer and coach in the team, Morten’s responsibilities mean he works with riders with their training, general development and performance in races; a combination he thoroughly enjoys. “I really enjoy working and helping other people to develop. That is my biggest passion through each day and I’m really happy that I can combine my passion for both cycling and development.”

Asked how he hopes other people would describe him, Morten would like people to say that he is dedicated, goal orientated and a fighter. This description aligns perfectly with his two career highlights; Denmark’s U23 World Champion gold medal, a goal he had worked towards for years, and as his trainer, Warren Barguil’s two Tour de France stage wins and polka dot jersey in 2017. “We are a very structured team that take all kinds of details into account and into our control; I also believe that we are an innovative team which leads into continuous development. I believe these are absolutely our strengths and it’s great to see things come together as we demonstrate these strengths through our success.”

On his days off you can find Morten spending time with his children, who participate in a wide range of sports and riding his bike. His passion for development stems into his personal life where he enjoys following his children’s activities, seeing them happy through the power of sport.