Max Kanter   
Max Kanter
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2017 Race KMS
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ABOUT Max Kanter

20-year-old Max Kanter comes from a generation of cyclists in his family after both his father and grandfather spent time competing in their younger years. After trying out football, Kanter gave cycling a go with his sister and brother and was immediately hooked.

Following various successes in the team pursuit on the track track during his younger years, 2017 saw Max Kanter focus on the road for the duration of the season and in May, 20-year-old Kanter sprinted to the U23 German national road race victory. “The German victory was really special, the way we worked as a team was impressive and for me to finish off the work was incredible.”

In just his first-year riding on the team’s Development Program, Kanter already believes he has taken huge steps in his progress, something he puts down to the ethos of corporation in the team. “Everyone is the same here, we’re all treated at the same level and no one person is above another.” A sprinter at heart, he believes that the team’s balanced race program has given him the opportunity to develop his tactics across a variety of categories. “I rode in every role possible across the season so was able to learn a lot about tactics and how to ride smart in different situations.”

Looking ahead to the future, Kanter one day hopes to ride Milano San-Remo at professional level, but beforehand wants to improve his climbing capacity. “Sprinting is for sure my strength but if I want to be a pro then I have to create a good balance between the two.”

At such a young age and having already shown such promise, anything is possible for this young German talent.

"After trying cycling, I was hooked."