Martin Salmon   
Martin Salmon
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2017 Race KMS
2017 Race Days

ABOUT Martin Salmon

2018 marks Martin Salmon’s second year riding in Team Sunweb’s Development Program. A dedicated team helper, Salmon showed his strength helping the team take victories at the U23 German national road race championships and Olympia’s Tour, both of which also take the place of his year’s highlights. “When Max won the nationals it was really awesome. Seeing Jarno win at the Olympia’s Tour was also incredible, they were definitely my happiest moments of 2017.”

During his first year wearing Team Sunweb’s colours, Martin submersed himself in learning from those around us. “Tom [Veelers] has lots of tips and tricks for things that you didn’t even think of before, but can really help. For example: opening bars, taking bottles and positioning yourself in the bunch.”

For the upcoming season Salmon wants to focus on his climbing capabilities, after experiencing the beautiful scenery that the challenge brings whilst riding Piccolo Lombardia in 2017. With experts around him to guide him through his early cycling years and beyond, Salmon also wants to learn more about nutrition and how to correctly fuel his body to make the most out of himself on the bike.

For Martin, riding his bike makes him feel free. “The bike gives you the opportunity to empty your head a little bit and gives you something to focus on. Sometimes you really hate it when your legs are screaming at you, but you have to push on and take it out on the bike.”

"Seeing my team mates win are my happiest moments"