Leon Heinschke   
Leon Heinschke
Frankfurt, Germany
2017 race kms
2017 race days

ABOUT Leon Heinschke

Leon Heinschke’s mother is the woman behind Leon’s love for bike. After persuading him to go to their local cycling club, Leon’s passion was ignited and he has been riding his bike ever since.

“It was important to me to join a German team and Team Sunweb are definitely the best in Germany. I really like the system with such a focus on development and communication. These are great focuses that I really respect.”

18-year-old Heinschke loves to ride hard climbs and challenge himself during stage races. “If I rode the Tour de France one day, that would be amazing. I really prefer climbs over anything and this is the perfect race to be able to do that.”

2017 was an important year for Leon, not only because he was to join the ranks of Development Team Sunweb in the coming season, but he also started the world championships in Bergen representing Germany for the first time. Here, Leon showed his strength in the time trial finishing in an impressive 13th place. On top of this, he was also crowned the junior national champion of Germany, a palmare that compliments team mate Max Kanter’s victory on the road.

Looking ahead at his place in the team for this year, Leon has ambitions of helping in the mountains on the flat. “I’m not so good in the sprints but I hope to be able to help my team mates during the races.”

"Joining a German team was important to me"