Laurens ten Dam   
Laurens ten Dam
The Netherlands
Maastricht, the Netherlands
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Favourite Giant Bike
Pro Since
2017 Race Kms
2017 Race Days

ABOUT Laurens ten Dam

One of his first memories of cycling are his family camping holidays where his whole family followed the Tour the France. Since then, he has never stopped loving cycling and cycling has never stopped loving Laurens Ten Dam. During his career Ten Dam has become a well-known figure to cycling fans due to his alternative way of living, his boundless commitment whenever he’s on the bike and his complete pureness when he’s off the bike.

Laurens’ professional career started in 2004. He’s always been a strong climber with the abilities to ride for the general classification. In 2012, he finished 8th at the Vuelta a España and in 2013, during the 100th Tour de France, Laurens was in the top five overall for several days. In 2014, he went on to finish the Tour in 9th place, later joining Team Sunweb in 2015. This transfer came at the right moment in his career, whilst he was searching for a different approach. “This team always finds a way to motivate and challenge all riders, even the older ones like me. To gain advantages, it’s essential to improve even the smallest details.”

Last year, the 37-year-old Dutchman helped the team’s leaders to great successes during the Giro d’Italia and the Tour the France. “It felt like one of the best years of my career. The team performed extraordinarily well and I had my share in it. At home, my children play a lot with miniature cyclists -pretending they are in a battle between Dumoulin and Quintana. Once they have grown up, they will realise that their dad really contributed to the big wins of Tom Dumoulin – this makes me feel really proud.”

Ten Dam is well-respected by his teammates and not only because of his cycling skills, teammate Johannes Fröhlinger explains. “Ten Dam gives a different flavour to cycling because of his way of living. On the one hand he’s extremely professional, on the other hand he knows perfectly how to combine his job with travelling, outdoor living and family life. Like Ten Dam always says: ‘Live slow, ride fast’.”

"Live slow, ride fast."