Julia Soek   
Julia Soek
The Netherlands
Den Ham, the Netherlands
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2017 Race Kms
2017 Race Days

ABOUT Julia Soek

After an injury sustained from Judo, Julia Soek decided to get on a bike and immediately she was hooked. After joining the team in 2013 she has developed herself as a team captain and takes her role really seriously. “Normally, I like to talk a lot and can be quite chaotic but in a race I’m quiet, concentrated and totally focused on fulfilling my role.”

A dedicated team player, she takes pride on creating a good atmosphere. “As a team captain, you’re an extension of the team management, both in and outside of a race. When it comes to matters such as team building and team branding, the role is most important.” Julia’s teammates are full of praise for her. “Julia is one of the best captains in peloton and we always have a lot of fun with her. She knows how to create a comfortable atmosphere and has a really good way of coaching, by bringing criticism in a positive way.”

Julia is very satisfied about her 2017 season, with her highlight winning her first UCI ranked race at Erondegemse Pijl. “We have a really good team spirit and we’ve found the right balance between all the different personalities by creating an open and natural environment. Whatever is on your mind, there’s always freedom to speak out. We know when to relax and when we must switch into serious business. This environment allows us to perform so well.”

Soek is in her element during tough races with challenging weather conditions and loves to ride in the spring classics when it’s often rainy and cold. This year she wants to help the team leaders and position them well for the finals. “I’m looking forward to next season. With almost the same members as last year, I’m confident that we will be one of the most dominant teams in the WorldTour again.”

"This positive environment allows us to perform"