Jens Vanoverberghe   
Jens Vanoverberghe
Moen, Belgium
2017 race kms
2017 race days

ABOUT Jens Vanoverberghe

Belgium; the heart of cycling. Growing up in such a cycling-fanatic environment is sure to inspire all young children to want to ride their bike. This is the story with Jens Vanoverberghe. After trying football, he realised that he wasn’t very good and decided to look for another option. “I realised that I was spending far too much time on the bench so I mustn’t have been very good. After this I started with cyclo-cross and when the summer came, I started on the road and never went back to cyclo-cross.”

All young cyclists have to rely on the support of those around them to get them to where they want to be. Driving to races, purchasing equipment and washing countless cycling jerseys; parents do it all. Humble and thankful, Jens recognises that he could never have made such progress without a strong support system. “My parents are really important to me. They drive me places and support me in every way. My trainer was also important; the combination of support around me has allowed me to make the steps up to the team.”

Like most Belgian’s, cycling is Vanoverberghe’s favourite hobby. “It’s all about the bike, since I was a young child I watched races on TV and gone to all of the Flanders Classics. One day I would love to ride in them, they’re all so close to my home it would be incredible.”

After following all three of the team’s programs Vanoverberghe is excited to get into the thick of the action with the team. “After all of these impressive results of the past few years, I’m looking forward to becoming a part of it. There are so many experts and coaches around you that really care about you and your development; that’s what I’m most excited for.”

"You have to believe in yourself to make it happen"