Iwan Spekenbrink   
Iwan Spekenbrink
The Netherlands
Marcelo, the Netherlands
Position in the team
Chief Executive Officer
Bucket List
To go on safari in Africa
Favourite Holiday Destination
Northern Italy
Sports, cycling, holidays, nice dinners

ABOUT Iwan Spekenbrink

The team’s CEO Iwan Spekenbrink is passionate about both sports and working with a group of people on one united mission; these are the two pillars behind the origins of his work with the team.

Iwan is highly sensitive towards honesty and for himself and others to do the right thing for the sport of cycling as well as in life. Outside of work Iwan is a family man and enjoys taking a step back from his busy lifestyle to spend time with his friends and family.

He also likes to spend time riding his bike and participating in other sports, enjoying nature and indulging in nice dinners with good friends.