Felix Gall   
Felix Gall
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ABOUT Felix Gall

Keen to develop in cycling whilst still focusing on his education, 19-year-old Felix Gall spent his first year on Team Sunweb’s Development Program balancing Business school and cycling. “The combination was a challenge but the team really supported me. Now I have finished school I’m looking forward to focusing fully on cycling and quite curious to see what developments I’ll make in 2018.”

After trying out various sports in his younger years it was triathlon that eventually caught Felix’s eye. He spent two years focusing on the sport, but when he turned 16, he decided to focus fully on cycling. Two years later he joined Team Sunweb’s Development Program.

Gall has already noticed improvements from his first year in the team, and says that he has learned a lot from those around him. “The coaches have taught us the importance of working together. I’ve learnt about positioning the team’s sprinter for the lead-out; it’s always difficult to not get lost in a hectic sprint but I feel like we’ve made some real improvement here across the year.”

When riding his bike Felix feels free and most enjoys going out in nature and spending time with his friends whilst out on rides. Like many, his favourite race is the Tour de France with the history around the three-week race most interesting.

As the world championships head to Austria this year, Felix has his sights set on starting the race in his home country. Ambitious but grounded, Felix wants to help his team mates do well. “It’s always good to dream but realistically I want to help my team mates and show that I am a good helper.”

"It’s always good to dream"