Chad Haga   
Chad Haga
Girona, Spain
Riders Type
All-rounder / time trial
Favourite Giant Bike
Trinity and TCR
Pro Since
2017 Race km's
2017 Race Days

ABOUT Chad Haga

“Though you can’t be perfect, it doesn’t mean you can’t try to get as close to perfection as possible. This statement allows me to keep improving myself every day in things like my weight, technique and nutrition.” Chad Haga, the 29-year-old from Texas, has been wearing the colours of Team Sunweb since 2014. Usually he rides in a supporting role but in time trials he can excel with his ability to transfer power and technique into high speed.

This American all-rounder is an intellectual and introvert guy who likes to spend his spare time reading, playing the piano and improving his barista techniques. A modest character, Haga sometimes finds race situations challenging. “You have to be hard in a race, not only to yourself but also to your competitors. You need to shout and push back every now and then to hold on to a wheel. It’s not in my character to do so, but it’s something I’m working on.”

Chad is an essential helper to the team’s leaders. “I’m really happy with my role right now and I enjoy working for the team leader. I find riders like Tom Dumoulin inspiring and motivating. The fact that he almost always delivers is brilliant.” Last year Haga completed both the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España. “After the first week in the Giro, we really started to believe in Tom’s chances to win, this faith influenced the mind-set of the whole team. There were some critical moments when you realize that it’s make-or-break. At times like this you’re willing to give everything to turn the tide in the right direction.”

Giving up is not in Chad’s vocabulary and he takes pride in continuously pushing his own limits. “In the Vuelta, I was at the total max due to illness. Several times I had to fight completely on my own to make the finish before the time cut. I just wanted to make it to the next stages, to help Wilco Kelderman.”

"I always try to get close to perfection."