Development Team Sunweb’s Max Kanter wins Olympia’s Tour points jersey


Max Kanter Jarno Mobach Niklas Märkl Joris Nieuwenhuis Martin Salmon Leon Heinschke

Development Team Sunweb’s Max Kanter wins the points classification at the Olympia’s Tour, after his two stage wins during the six-day race in the Netherlands.

A hectic opening to the final stage of Olympia’s Tour saw echelons form, with Development Team Sunweb in the second and third group after a crash with points leader Max Kanter and Joris Nieuwenhuis. The gap stabilised around one minute, before stretching out to three. The team put in a huge chase to the leading group but their efforts were not to prevail as the stage winner came from the breakaway. After winning two stages and collecting points throughout the race, U23 German road race champion Max did enough to secure his win of the points classification.


Max said: “Today was a pretty hard day. After the neutralisation there were directly crosswinds. We had Joris and me in the first group, but we had a lot of bad luck and we both crashed in the moment. We tried everything to comeback, but we could not close the gap. We gave our best, but sometimes you have days like this. Overall it’s a bit sad that we lost our good GC spot, but we can still be proud of our performance with two stage wins and the green jersey.”