Rider Q and A

Your questions answered with Niklas Märkl


This month we asked you on our TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages for questions that you would like to ask Niklas Märkl. After a training session, Niklas sat down to answer five of our favourites!

What is your biggest dream in your cycling career?

Like a lot of riders in the U23 category I have the dream of becoming a WorldTour pro, and then being able to compete against the best riders in the biggest races in the world.

What do you do to warm up before a race?

It all depends on the race. At some races we will do a more basic warm-up, if it is an easy tart but if the team thinks it is going to be a fast start then we will do a more intense warm up. For any time trial that we do we also have a specific warm up that the team sets out with different intervals for us.

What is your favourite race that you want to win and why?

It has to be the Tour of Flanders. It’s one of the biggest and best races and the atmosphere looks incredible.

What was team camp like?

Team camp was really cool. It was great to see the guys again and get back into things. We spent a lot of nice hours on the bike together in some great scenery – and with some hard training!

How do you feel about the season restart coming soon? Excited, nervous or something else?

I hope that things stay okay and that we can finally race again and create some good memories. I’m pretty excited to challenge myself in the races again and see if all of my training over the past months has paid off.