Martijn Tusveld 16th on queen stage for Team Sunweb


Søren Kragh Andersen Simon Geschke Chad Haga Lennard Hofstede Lennard Kämna Martijn Tusveld Max Walscheid

Team Sunweb gave all they had for a top result on the Tour of Guangxi’s queen stage today, with Martijn Tusveld their top finisher in 16th place.

An early three man break escaped the clinches of the bunch in the opening ten kilometres, with one rider later sitting up to wait for the peloton leaving two at the front of the race. The duo were kept in close check by the peloton as their advantage never peaked over two minutes throughout the stage. The bunch timed their catch to perfection with the final rider caught just ahead of the final climb at three kilometres to go.

Team Sunweb lined up ahead of the climb to bring both Martijn Tusveld and Søren Kragh Andersen into position to contest the finale. An early dig saw Søren empty too early, but the duo worked to rebound and persevere for a result. The pair gave all they had and in the end it was Martijn who finished first for the team, taking 16th place.


Team Sunweb coach Aike Visbeek said: “The plan was to go for Søren today as this type of hill top finishes suits him. The guys delivered him and Martijn perfectly in the top three at the bottom of the climb. Søren went with an attack and went too early too deep, then shortly after that effort four new guys went and got a gap on the group of Søren and Martijn, which at this point was made up of about 15 riders. Then on the flat section of the climb Martijn started directly to pull for Søren, but Søren didn’t recover well enough for the last kilometre of the climb to clinch a top result. In the end it was an honest fight and we can be proud of the guys good team work and positioning, Søren gave it every thing he had.”