Max Walscheid 2nd at Tour of Guangxi opener


Søren Kragh Andersen Simon Geschke Chad Haga Lennard Hofstede Lennard Kämna Martijn Tusveld Max Walscheid

Team Sunweb’s Max Walscheid continued his strong form into China, sprinting to 2nd place at the Tour of Guangxi’s opening stage in Beihai. 

Multiple breakaways animated the opening stage of the Tour of Guangxi, with a six, three and late two move going clear throughout the stage. The sprinter’s teams controlled the pace, only granting the breakaways a slim margin of advantage to ensure things went their way for the finale in Beihai.

With 10 kilometres to go the last move was brought back and the sprinter’s teams began to bring their fast men into position for the final. Working for Max Walscheid, Team Sunweb delivered the young German powerhouse into position to open out his sprint with Max finishing the day in a solid 2nd place.


Max said: “The guys dropped me off in a good position and I started my sprint, I felt I was close to the victory but Dylan timed it to perfection. This result gives me confidence, I still feel good and the team were dedicated to our goal.”

Team Sunweb coach Aike Visbeek said: “We knew that this would be a bunch sprint stage and our goal was to drop Max off in a good position and the guys did a good job. We still need to fine tune the details but the level that Max showed today, and in Hong Kong last weekend, is a confidence boost for him and for the team.”