Tech behind the two stripes: Giant TCR Advanced SL

The scientists and experts at Team Sunweb continuously work to improve the performance of it’s athletes both physically and through the equipment used by the team.

The team challenge themselves in every aspect of their elite sports environment, including nutrition, training and equipment. Vigorous and thorough testing of the products used enable them to excel as a team and be the best that they can be. The research of the team’s experts and scientists is based on extensive data analysis. Team Sunweb work alongside its partners DSM and Delft University of Technology using their facilities and wind tunnels to ensure that their equipment, nutrition, race kit and race data analysis are as efficient and effective as possible.

The latest innovations are streamlined along with Team Sunweb’s partners and are closely aligned with the team’s overall performance plan and specific race circumstances. A great and high-end example of one of the new developments that will be introduced for the 2017 season are the new bikes. More specifically the latest Giant TCR Advanced SL, the flagship model from Giant, the world’s biggest bicycle manufacturer, to be used by the Team Sunweb’s men’s roster in the 2017 road season.

“The Giant TCR has superior efficiency,” said Tom Davids, Team Sunweb’s R&D Expert. “It delivers the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any production road bike and is perfect for the hilly races and mountain stages. It allows our riders to attack steep climbs and perfectly manoeuvre technical descents.

“It easily reaches the 6.8kg UCI weight limit and still has the needed stiffness for fast accelerations, making it a perfect addition to the team’s equipment. The combination of the latest carbon-fibre technology, the world’s most advanced manufacturing processes and an enormous amount of research and data analysis have led to what we believe is the world’s most competitive bike. We also believe that this machine gives us the competitive advantage that we have been aiming for, and specifically those races in which our team is targeting.”

Bike Spec

Frame: Giant TCR Advanced SL

Group-set: Shimano Dura Ace R9100 Di2

Wheels: Shimano Dura Ace

Tyres: Giant

Cockpit: Giant

Powermeter: Shimano

Head Unit: Giant

Saddle: Giant

Bottle Cage: Elite

Pedals: Shimano Dura Ace