Sam Oomen abandons Giro d’Italia on stage 14

Giro d'Italia

Team Sunweb’s difficult Giro d’Italia continues as Sam Oomen leaves the race on its 14th day after a crash on a descent early on in the stage. Already suffering from an earlier crash on stage six, Oomen has had a challenging few days trying to overcome various aches and pains. The crash today amplified his injuries, with Oomen no longer able to continue in the race.

Oomen said: “The injuries from the crash last week were still bothering me but I really wanted to continue and try to see it through. I was on the ground for a while after the crash and could hardly get up. I couldn’t stand on my right leg anymore and I knew it was over. I’m really disappointed to leave the Giro like this, this isn’t what I came here for. But it is what it is.”

Team Sunweb physician Stephan Jacolino continued: “Sam came down pretty hard today with the impact of the fall making it really difficult for him to stand on his right leg anymore. He has sustained multiple bruises and cuts across his body, along with the other injuries already bothering him from his crash last week. The results of both crashes meant that continuing just wasn’t possible anymore as he was in too much pain.”

Team Sunweb coach Marc Reef added: “Circumstances have meant that Sam wasn’t able to continue today. Today’s crash coupled with last weeks incident have meant that it was too much to go on. It’s been a very difficult few weeks for us and we are of course disappointed, but that’s bike racing. We’ll keep trying with the guys we have left and try to make the most of our time here.”

Update (26/05/19): Sam was experiencing a lot of pain so yesterday evening was taken to the hospital for x-rays.

Team Sunweb physician Stephan Jacolino updates: “The x-rays have revealed a fracture to Sam’s right hip bone. Normally a fracture like that will take around six weeks of recovery time and once back in the Netherlands, Sam will have additional checks.”