EPIC Travelgear

EPIC Travelgear is yet another company that closely follows the team’s ethos of an innovative approach to continually striving to improve in areas of their business and their products, and hold innovation in high regard.

EPIC Travelgear is the result of what its team of people, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, believes is the very best travel gear to get you to and from and through your adventure.

“We believe that keen observation combined with constructively used brainpower makes the difference between the fantastic and the mediocre. We believe that producing and consuming quality, long-lasting products is a choice that will help us to preserve and be able to enjoy our environment on a long-term basis.”

EPIC Travelgear are providing riders and staff with innovative kit bags to make the many kilometres they travel to and from racing and training over the course of the season as hassle-free as possible.

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