For more than two decades Cervélo has passionately pursued its goal: Make every rider faster. From the very beginning they have stayed true to their unique engineering-driven approach: Define and measure, test and refine, and then build the very best.

Cervélo’s research raises the bar with every new model, yielding lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic bikes that help riders go faster and further with less effort. No wonder all five of Cervélo’s platforms — R Series (classic road), S Series (aero road), P Series (triathlon/ time trial), C Series (endurance road) and T Series (track) — consistently dominate comparison tests and win awards from the most respected industry publications. It’s also why dozens of champion triathletes and Olympians, as well as the Team Sunweb’s men’s, women’s and development programs, join legions of dedicated riders around the world in choosing Cervélo.

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