Team Sunweb’s Tom Dumoulin is awarded the AIJC Media Award 2017


Tom Dumoulin

During the Team Launch, the AIJC media award was handed over to Team Sunweb’s Tom Dumoulin (NED), a prestigious award given to the most media-friendly team, rider, or organisation.

Each year the Association Internationale des Journalistes du Cyclisme (AIJC) commends the most media-friendly rider recognising their efforts in working with and assisting the media throughout the season. In 2015, Team Sunweb also received the award due to their continued friendly attitude and cooperation towards the media and for 2017, the baton is passed back into the team, to Dumoulin.

“I’m honoured to receive this award and bring it back to the team,” explained Dumoulin. “We really value a good relationship with the media and understand that this is part of my job as a cyclist throughout the year. I’m pleased to be considered as an approachable, keen-to-talk rider and I am happy that this is appreciated by the award.

AIJC president Raymond Kerckhoffs (NED) said: “In a time when the role of the professional media is proving to be more vital than ever but access and availability is often limited, Dumoulin’s attitude and that of Team Sunweb should be considered an example in the peloton. It’s good that a champion like Tom understands the importance of having good relations with the media. The media is a vital link between the riders, teams, races and cycling fans around the world. One of the highlights was when Dumoulin lost the pink jersey in Urtisei for three days at the Giro d’Italia. Despite the loss, he spent 20 minutes speaking outside the bus in three different languages with international media.”