Development Team Sunweb finalise 2019 roster

Development Team Sunweb finalise their 2019 roster with the additions of Tim Naberman (NED) and Nils Sinschek (NED), alongside Florian Stork (GER), who extends his contract for an additional year. The three riders will utilise the team’s Keep Challenging Center in Sittard, with the recently announced Albert TImmer as a tutor. 

Florian Stork (GER)

Development Team Sunweb’s Florian Stork (GER) extends his contract for an additional year, after spending two years wearing their colours. A strong support rider, Stork has helped the team along to many successes, this year also picking up some strong results himself. He finished 5th in the GC at Tour Alsace and 5th in the U23 national time trial championships.

Stork said: “I’m really looking forward to another year in the colours of Development Team Sunweb. Over the past two years I’ve made some pretty good steps in my development as a rider and to ensure that I continue in this way, I believe that Development Team Sunweb is the best place for me to be.”

Team Sunweb coach Sebastian Deckert (GER) added: “After a really good winter Florian had a hard time during the spring with some injuries. In every race he always gives 110 percent and is a big value to the team. His 5th place in the GC at Tour Alsace was a great reflection of the development steps he’s made as a rider. He’s an important part of our team both on and off the bike and we’re really happy to continue this with him.”

Nils Sinschek (NED)

Development Team Sunweb are pleased to add 20-year-old Nils Sinschek to their roster for the 2019 season. The young Dutchman has a selection of solid results to his name, finishing 5th in the U23 national road race and 2nd at the first stage of Carpathian Couriers Race.

Sinschek said: “I am super proud to join Development Team Sunweb next year as I think this will play a big role in my development as a rider. I look forward to racing in such a professional environment and competing in races of the highest level. I think the most important thing for all of us in the Development program is to make progression, both individually and as a team throughout the whole year, and I think this is the best place for me to be able to do that.”

Team Sunweb coach Sebastian Deckert (GER) added: “Nils has already formed a solid base as a rider through his experience of competing in national races. We believe that this is an environment that will suit him and allow him to take the next steps in his career. His results show some promise and we think that he is a good match to our Development program.”

Tim Naberman (NED)

19-year-old Tim Naberman (NED) joins Development Team Sunweb for the 2019 season, after first meeting the team at their Deutsche Talent-Tage last year. Naberman has experience racing on the European scene and is a good team player, strong on the difficult terrain and a good all-rounder.

Naberman said: “It’s really a dream to join the team after a year of training guidance from the coaches here and I’m really looking forward to making the next step in my development. I really enjoy the tough races and would like to continue to progress as an all-rounder. I would also like to develop my climbing and time trial abilities to become a better, stronger rider. I’m really looking forward to getting to know the rest of the team and making the next steps as a rider in such an environment.”

Team Sunweb coach Sebastian Deckert (GER) said: “Tim is a great team player and a hard worker; two qualities that we are always looking for in young riders. We got to know him at our Deutsche Talent-Tage last year and stayed in contact with him throughout this season. During this time we could see that he is a good match to the team and we are looking forward to furthering his development as a rider, giving him even more experience racing at a higher level.”