Race report

Hard fought silver for Lucinda Brand

Cyclo-cross World Championships

One of the pre-race favourites after her win at the final round of UCI world cup in Hoogerheide last weekend, Team Sunweb’s Lucinda Brand put in a huge fight at the world championships today.

Her race plagued with bad luck, Lucinda continued to show her strength and resilience as a rider as she rebounded from numerous slips and falls throughout the race.

Lucinda said: “After everything I tried to stay calm and remember that I was strong. I finally came to the front and could put some pressure on the others for the first time, but then I crashed in the pits which was terrible and of course that moment decided the race. I was super glad to have Marianne there when I came out, she offered herself to fight for me to the front which also helped me get my head back into the race straight away.”

Picking her way back up to and through the leading group, the Dutch cyclo-cross champion found herself chasing the defending champion into the final lap.



It was a nail biting finale as Lucinda gave all she had in the chase to the defending champion but after an incredible effort, she couldn’t bridge the gap, earning herself a very respectable silver medal.

Lucinda continued: “I feel like I showed that I was strong but that makes it hard for me to be happy with second place at the moment, I guess later on I will be more proud. It’s been a good season and I have had some really beautiful wins, wins that I didn’t expect at all. Of course I was wishing for more today but at the end of the day I’m the second best in the world, that’s good right?”

Team Sunweb coach Hans Timmermans said: “Lucinda has had such a great season and how she fought today is something that she can be proud of. She took some time to get into the race but once she was there, she really put the hammer down on the competition. Just as she got there she crashed again, but she could still fight back to continue chasing gold. Today Cant was strong and resisted the pressure from Lucinda to hold off to take the win. Of course Lucinda is disappointed but I’m sure today means that she will be back next year even more hungry for that rainbow jersey.”