Team CEO Iwan Spekenbrink explains Team Sunweb’s “Keep Challenging” elite sports approach.

Goal & values
Our goal is to become a significant, sustainable and recognizable party at the highest level of international cycling – or an “institution” – through our very own elite sports model. This is based on continuous personal development whilst in an innovating elite sports environment. Under this model, athletes, experts, coaches and staff consistently work together according to our core principles:

development, integrity, cooperation, drive and innovation.

Success factor: teamwork
The success of this elite sports model depends on all the athletes, experts, coaches and staff consistently cooperating, sharing information and working towards the very same objectives. Ultimately, this is about “people’s business” – it’s about working together in the most efficient way and striving for excellent teamwork in the broadest sense.

The distinctive elite sports approach
The “Keep Challenging” model is based on two pillars: the elite sports environment & personal development.

The team’s DNA is symbolized by two stripes
The team’s “Keep Challenging” DNA is reflected in all the team’s communications and graphics – including, most notably, on the jersey. These two dominant “Keep Challenging” stripes, symbolize the two pillars of the “Keep Challenging” approach.

One stripe represents the creation and continual enhancement of the alternative elite sports environment based on comprehensive, innovative and trustworthy support of the athletes. The other stripe symbolizes the development of the riders both as individuals and as athletes, and – in a collective sense – the development of the team as a whole.

Both stripes continue upwards, reflecting the continuity of this approach as a two integrated, never-ending processes. The approach succeeds if the members of the team keep challenging each other and themselves and operate according the to team’s five values.

“Sports institution”
The “Keep Challenging” approach results in a modern marketing platform that creates the best return for the team’s partners, because this elite sports approach is designed for the team to become competitive and sustainably stay competitive in terms of sports performances; while this approach to sport also provides the team with its distinctive identity.

The approach provides continuity and allows the team to grow over time into the desired “sports institution”. This continuity enables the team to offer its people a stable environment where they can develop their careers and keep challenging themselves, each other, and the current standard of science & technology while pursuing their dreams.

Charitable Partner
t4al_blackWe have been a proud ambassador of the non-for-profit organisation, Trees for All, since 2010 helping us employ a carbon neutral operation. We partner with the organization because, as a team, we are very privileged to be able to race in the most beautiful backdrops and landscapes, through the most beautiful mountains, across deserts, down scenic coast lines. We want to respect this and look after it for the generations to come. Visit Treesforall.nl for more information.
Ethics is one of the key values of Team Sunweb. The team was one of the first members of the MPCC (Mouvement pour un Cyclisme Crédible – Movement for Credible Cycling), which was established by a number of French and German ProTour teams during the 2007 Tour de France to strengthen the image and credibility of cycling. Team Sunweb went on to join in the 2008 season. All members are dedicated to being strictly compliant with the ethical code of the MPCC, whose rules are more rigorous than the UCI rules. “The MPCC’s member teams apply stringent internal rules and guidelines to strengthen the credibility of the team and thus also of cycling in general. In doing so we take responsibility ourselves, thus contributing to a clean sport,” says Iwan Spekenbrink, who is also MPCC’s vice president.
Visit www.mpcc.fr for more information.
Velon aims to make the sport more accessible to all, to bring technology to the races and to promote stable,credible teams that fans can support long-term.This group brings together 11 leading teams – over 60 per cent of the World Tour – to drive a financial model that, in line with other international sports, ensures a sustainable future for the teams.
Visit www.velon.cc for more information.