New Team Sunweb 2019 look revealed

New year, new kit

Along with the new year comes a new distinct look for Team Sunweb. Shifting away from the predominantly white design that has animated the peloton and podiums during the previous years, the team embarks on their new chapter with Craft with a new eye-catching kit design. Once again, all three programs will share the same kit.

Keep Challenging Identity

Their new Sunweb red colours proudly retain their recognisable two-stripe design for the sixth consecutive year, continuing the team’s reference to their Keep Challenging DNA. Besides the clearly-visible stripes, also KC watermark stripes are added. The left stripe represents the continuous development of the riders both as individuals and as athletes. The right stripe represents the development of the elite sports environment.

New year, new chapter

2019 marks the start of a new chapter for Team Sunweb, as they welcome on board a bundle of new (technical) partners including Craft. Craft, a big name in the clothing industry and the team’s new apparel partner will manufacture their state-of-the-art race kit using the latest technologies, with aerodynamics and safety at the core of their designs. Next to race clothing, the Scandinavian brand will also produce all casual and formal clothing for riders and staff.

A passion for innovation

Sharing innovative qualities, Craft, Team Sunweb’s experts and other innovation partners will work closely together to make the next steps in aerodynamics, as well as safety improvements and temperature control through clothing. The protective shorts will continue to be used with more applications of DSM Dyneema’s protective fibres expected in 2019, adding an extra layer of protection to the kit, enhancing safety and confidence.