Team Sunweb confirm new signings to women’s program for 2019

The young Norwegian talent Susanne Andersen joins the team for the upcoming season with a focus on sprint and development, whilst Janneke Ensing (NED) will bring a wealth of experience and strength to the team for 2019.

Susanne Andersen (NOR)

Andersen said: “I am super happy to have the opportunity to join Team Sunweb. I think it’s the right move for me and my development, and I think I will grow both stronger and smarter within the team. The aggressive way of racing and how everyone always sacrifices themselves for each other is something that I want to be a part of, and really like about the team. As a sprinter but an aspiring all rounder and a classics lover, I hope to learn a lot through the next year from the more experienced riders. I also hope to be a good domestique and help the team to achieve great results. I think it will be fun to be in the same team as my biggest rivals from my junior years – Juliette, Liane and Pernille – and I’m also really looking forward to getting to know the other riders. I really appreciate that the team see my potential and future as a rider, as 2018 hasn’t been the easiest year for me in many ways.”

Team Sunweb coach Hans Timmermans (NED) said: “We’re really pleased with the new additions to our team. We’ve had Susanne in sight since her time as a junior and since riding in the elite, she’s shown herself to be a very talented individual who can handle a hard classic whilst still having a strong sprint at the finish. Her development will be mainly focused on improving her engine and she will get sprint chances to let her work more into our lead-out train. At just 20 years old she has a long and bright future ahead of her.”

Janneke Ensing (NED)

Ensing said: “I am happy to join Team Sunweb as it’s one of the best in the world. Team Sunweb is known for their team goals and team effort; that’s what I like about them. Every member of the team, including staff, focuses on their task and I believe that success comes when everyone is committed. I really like that there is a team house in Limburg because it means that we can always train together, during the season and in the off-season. I’m looking forward to bringing my experience to the team and sharing it with the younger girls and hopefully this will be an advantage in competition.”

Timmermans said of Ensing: “Every year Janneke becomes a better rider and as a former marathon ice skater she is very experienced in the tactical part of top sports. We believe that we need a rider with the specific qualities of Janneke; she can be there for a long time in almost all races and her race intelligence will be of great value for our other riders. It was evident in our talks how important having a clear plan and team goal is to her, which is of course a great fit to our vision.”