Team Sunweb and Province of Limburg join forces

Team Sunweb and top sports oriented Province of Limburg have entered a partnership focused on the further professionalisation of the sport of cycling. The foundations of the partnership aim to inspire people, young and old, to ride their bike.

It’s no secret that Team Sunweb’s mission is to spearhead the movement of cycling becoming a genuine team sport. The team takes team sports such as football and basketball as successful examples of their vision for cycling, with athlete development at its core. Team Sunweb’s early thoughts about taking the next steps towards the movement include the centralisation of facilities, where athletes could work together on a daily basis, whilst being a part of everyday society in a location from where (altitude) training camps in Southern Europe are initiated.

In the upcoming period, progress will be made on concreting plans and the Province of Limburg will play a pivotal role. From Limburg, emphasis will be on the cross-border activities with its ‘neighbour’ Germany, thus enabling Team Sunweb to utilize the full “Euregio” region to focus on the optimisation of developing athletes into team players and progressing cycling into a team sport.

The central location, excellent training routes with cycling-friendly traffic, nearby airports and the knowledge of companies like Team Sunweb’s technology partner, DSM, have earned the region of Limburg a special place in the hearts of most cyclists and the team aim to further develop and build on this through the partnership.

Sports deputy of the Province of Limburg, Ger Koopmans, said: “Connecting our province to a top sports organization like Team Sunweb adds an important stimulus to sports in our region. More people will be attracted to cycling and live healthier, which is one of the driving forces of our policy. There are also positive effects for the sport itself when we stimulate people from all ages to cycle, and we further proceed in positioning us as the cycling province.”

“We’re excited about the partnership with the Province of Limburg, as it allows us to professionalise further in turning our sport into a true team sport,” said Team Sunweb CEO, Iwan Spekenbrink. “With hills, the German Eiffel area and the Ardennes around the corner, there is a great variety of training grounds for athletes. The sport is alive in Limburg which is also reflected by the knowledge institutes like DSM and prestigious universities in Maastricht and Germany, who work on concrete innovations which will progress the sport.”