Team Sunweb 5th in the TDF TTT, Søren Kragh Andersen leads young rider standings


Tom Dumoulin Søren Kragh Andersen Simon Geschke Chad Haga Laurens ten Dam Nikias Arndt Michael Matthews Edward Theuns

Team Sunweb finish in 5th place at stage three of the Tour de France today, a 35.5 kilometre team time trial in Cholet.

After a seamless start the team clocked in at the first intermediate time check after 13 kilometres with a time of 14 minutes and 28 seconds, 15 seconds down on the fastest time. Continuing to pace their way through the rolling terrain, the team hit the second check 13 seconds down at 29 minutes and 9 seconds.

Upon crossing the finish line the team stopped the clock with a final time of 38 minutes and 58 seconds, placing them 5th on the stage. Team Sunweb’s Søren Kragh Andersen takes over the lead in the young rider standings, with a lead of 1 minute and 8 seconds. Tom Dumoulin now sits 7th in the overall standings at 11 seconds.


After the stage Søren said: “It was a super nice TTT today. At the worlds we felt like sometimes the fastest TTT’s you do are also the easiest, where you can recover in the wheel because the speed is smooth – that’s just how it was today. We had a really good structure and rhythm in the team. We have protocols on how to do TTTs so all staff, riders, trainers and coaches know what to do. We’re professional about it and have invested in guys to improve this discipline, and now the hard work and planning has paid off. It’s super nice to have the white jersey and I’m really happy with it. I wasn’t expecting it so I’m a little overwhelmed. Tomorrow I still have my job to do and that will be the focus. We’re super happy with the result today, it was a good TTT and a good outcome for Tom and the team.”

Tom said: “Technically everything went perfect. Eventually we were very close to the victory and we could not wish for more outside of the win. We knew that a win would be very difficult and we are very proud of the result. I’m happy about the GC consequences. In a TTT you really have to go for it with all of us as a team, it went so fast and we had small differences in the turns. With very good formation and a plan, we did a very good job. Preparation is essential with clear appointments upfront. During the time trial you need a fine balance between the focus that is needed, the appointments we make, and how the legs feel. Thats what we have done very well during the latest team time trials and it’s very nice to be part of.”