Tom Stamsnijder   
Tom Stamsnijder
The Netherlands
Bornerbroek, the Netherlands
Riders Type
Favourite Giant Bike
TCR – get the feeling that I am one with it
Pro Since
2016 Race Km's
2016 Race Days

ABOUT Tom Stamsnijder

Tom Stamsnijder has been a reliable member of the team since 2012 after previously riding for professional teams Gerolsteiner, Rabobank and Leopard-Trek. “I am very proud to have ridden with such great teams, and I’m proud to ride for Team Sunweb.”

There are a few times a year when the Dutchman gets the opportunity to ride for himself. In his first year as a professional in 2007, he came close to a big win after finishing second during a stage in the Vuelta, behind German rider Andreas Klier. Last year Stamsnijder again was in a breakaway in the Vuelta, finishing just outside the top ten.

“I’m good at many things, but not often the best. And to win a stage, you must be the best. That’s a reality I have to deal with but I don’t have a problem with it, I love my job. Pulling at the front of a peloton is my strength. I can ride at a high speed for longer than the average rider. I can add value to the team supporting others so they can ride a good finish. I always make sure that every teammate makes it to the finish, this is how I contribute to the teams victory. My teammates are always appreciative of me doing this, so I’m really happy with my role.”

Every team needs tough, supportive riders like Stamsnijder. In the Grand Tours he often is the first choice when the selections are made. “I recover quickly from efforts and I’m of good use during the flat stages and on the climbs. When we’re in the mountains with really long climbs, I’m one of the more experienced riders in the peloton who can work well in a gruppetto. I know exactly where we can slow down and where we can win time back to make sure we finish in the time gap.

With the extension of his contract, the 31 year old Tom Stamsnijder will be part of this team for the next two years. “I will assist the team leaders and I’d like to help the youngsters in their development. The plan is to participate at the 100th edition of the Giro. Maybe I’ll also join the Tour de France and the Vuelta”.

"Pulling at the front of the peloton is my strength."