Teun van Erp   
Teun van Erp
The Netherlands
Nistelrode, the Netherlands
Position in the team
Scientific Expert
Master in Human Movement Science, Bachelor in Physiotherapy
Bucket list
Travel to all continents
Favourite holiday destination
New Zealand
Sports, Festivals, Travelling
Favourite Race
Paris Roubaix

ABOUT Teun van Erp

Teun is one of the team’s sport scientists and is in his sixth season with the team. He studied Human Movement Science in Amsterdam, Physiotherapy in Utrecht and is currently working to get his PhD. Working with team is his dream job and he thoroughly enjoys working at the highest level. He is proud of the work that the team does and the things he has accomplished alongside his colleagues to grow the team through to WorldTour level. Outside of work he enjoys different sports; football, running, cycling, swimming, snowboarding and climbing. In 2016 he also finished a triathlon. As well as sports, he also enjoys going to festivals, travelling the world and spending time with friends.