Simon Geschke   
Simon Geschke
Freiburg, Germany
Riders Type
Favourite Giant Bike
TCR – feel most confident and best handling.
Pro Since
2016 Race Km's
2016 Race Days

ABOUT Simon Geschke

The 30-year-old German joined the team almost at the beginning their existence and Simon Geschke has been with the team throughout his entire professional career. “When I was 22 years old I got in contact with Skil-Shimano, back when it was a Pro Continental team. Since then, we’ve grown as riders and as a team and in 2013 we entered the World Tour. Not much later we started winning stages in the Grand Tours and became an established team at the highest level. This gradual approach was ideal for my development as a rider and of the team.”

Simon grew up with cycling. His dad Jürgen Geschke was a former track cyclist and a World Champion sprinter. In his spare time he likes to play guitar, listens to Motörhead’s heavy metal songs and enjoys riding his motorbike.

The Germans most remarkable result is his stage win in the Alpes during the 2015 Tour de France. “I felt so good that day. During the last 48 kilometres I was on my own. Andrew Talansky came close, but I knew I was going to make it to the finish at Pra-Loup. It felt like I was in a tunnel and I needed to dig really deep to get out of it. Winning a stage in the Tour de France is what I had dreamed of since I was 15 years old and what I had been working hard for all those years.” Teammate Roy Curvers said of this legendary victory: “I couldn’t see his beard when Simon stood on the stage. The only thing I saw was a huge smile!”

Simon always tries to put his positive influence into races. He sees an opportunity and takes it, he also likes to be part of breakaways. His motto is ‘go hard or go home’ and this is what he will do in 2017. It will be a big season for Simon with the classics, the Giro and the Tour de France. Maybe he will achieve one of his new goals: winning a Classic.


"Go hard or go home."