Roy Curvers   
Roy Curvers
The Netherlands
Roggel, the Netherlands
Riders Type
Captain / All-rounder
Favourite Giant Bike
Propel - it's fast!
Pro Since
2016 Race kms
2016 Race Days

ABOUT Roy Curvers

At the end of every school day, Roy and his friends grabbed their bikes and raced through the streets of the small village Haelen. They pretended to be Frans Maassen, the former Dutch cyclist who lived in the same village. His parents thought that it would be good for him to join the local cycling club. Although he kept progressed every year, it took some time before he became professional. But finally, his hard work paid off.

37 year old Curvers has been a member of the team since its launch in 2008, he lives and breathes the team’s philosophy. “The team has always shown confidence in me. It’s a very pleasant and trusting environment and it feels like home. As the years have gone by I have realised what the team needs and what my role is in achieving our team goals. Working for one of your teammates is only possible when you respect each other, and there is lots of respect within this team.”

Curvers has developed himself into a perfect team leader and his experience and route knowledge are critical in both the Classics and Grand Tours. “I like exploring the route. I’m always thinking about how we can race smart, about the strategy we choose and how we can use our strengths to achieve our common goal”.

As a team captain Roy has been a part of a lot of the teams successes, like the victories of Marcel Kittel and John Degenkolb in the Tour de France and Paris-Roubaix. For the upcoming season this great athlete will continue to be one of the main road captains who supports the GC-riders, as well as providing guidance to the youngsters in the team. “We are in a phase of development within the team in terms of both top riders and talents coming through over the next few years. I’m looking forward to contributing to their development and creating some great results with them.”

It’s never hard for Curvers to motivate himself. “Every year there are changes within the group which leads to new team goals. With Michael Matthews, we have a new classic sprinter in our team. I’m glad we can work on a lead-out-train again. I love the energy of a hectic sprint, so I want to be part of this.”


"I’m always thinking about how to race smart."