Julia Soek   
Julia Soek
The Netherlands
Den Ham, the Netherlands
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Favourite Liv Bike
Pro Since
2016 Race Kms
2016 Race Days

ABOUT Julia Soek

Julia used to do judo but after an injury, she decided to get on a bike. She immediately loved it and devoted herself to the sport. In 2013 she became a professional cyclist for the team and since then has developed as an all-rounder.  “I’m going into my fourth year with Team Sunweb. I feel good within the team and I’m confident that I can continue to grow. During recent years I have learned a lot. I’m really excited to see how I continue to grow as a better cyclist, and will make sure I make use of all the opportunities that the team offers to me. Even the smallest details are perfect, whether it comes to equipment, clothing, nutrition, coaching or training camps.”

Julia is an important rider in the team. As a dedicated team player she likes to create a good atmosphere and in recent years has fulfilled an important role as a support rider and a team captain. “Within this team I found out that I have the capability to be a team captain. Both in a race and outside of a race, especially when it comes to matters such as team building and team branding. As a team captain, you’re an extension of the team management.”

This cheerful rider is in her element during tough races with bad weather conditions. She loves to ride in the spring races when it’s often cold and rainy. This year she wants to assist the team leaders and position them well for the finals. “I’m looking forward to the next season and with the new signings made I think we can become one of the dominant teams.”

Julia has quite a different character when she’s in competition. “Normally, I like to talk a lot and I can be very chaotic in doing things. But in a race I’m quiet, concentrated and totally focused on fulfilling my role.”