Hans Timmermans   
Hans Timmermans
The Netherlands
Dongen, the Netherlands
Position in the team
Women's Team Race Coach
Marketing, Communications and event management.
Bucket List
I don't have one!
My job is my hobby! I also enjoy spending time with my girlfriend.
Favourite holiday destination

ABOUT Hans Timmermans

Hans’ life is all about cycling and he is living his dream whilst working as one of the teams DS’s. When he isn’t on the road with the team, he enjoys going to watch races from youth categories. Hans was a cyclist himself between the ages of 7 and 23 until he was scouted by Arthur van Dongen to be a coach of a junior team. It became immediately clear to Hans that this was his new passion, after being a cyclist. He most enjoys improving riders performance and letting his riders play with challenging race tactics. Hans loves the adrenaline of being a part of a successful team and describes his time with Team Sunweb as a ‘fantastic experience’.