Max Kanter closes Development Team Sunweb’s season with 7th at Paris-Tours Espoirs

In their last race of the 2017 season, Development Team Sunweb supported Max Kanter to take a strong 7th place at Paris-Tours Espoirs today.

Team Sunweb’s Development Program lined up at Paris-Tours Espoirs today, tackling a 187.5 kilometre route between Bonneval and Tours. With the day a chance for the sprinters to shine, Team Sunweb had their U23 German road race champion ready to battle it out at the finish.

It was a fast and furious start to the day with plenty of attacks neutralised early on. It took 45 kilometres for a breakaway to be able to establish, with a ten-rider group opening up a two minute advantage. As the peloton began to reel in the leading group three riders attacked from the bunch in attempt to reach the six riders that remained at the head of proceedings. Despite these late attacks the race came back together before the day’s last climb and the peloton began to gear up for the expected bunch sprint. Solid cooperation and positioning before the last climb landed Max Kanter inside the reduced peloton made up of around 40 riders where he was able to contest the finale. He finished the day in a strong 7th position.


Max said: “It was a really fast race and it took a long time for the breakaway to establish. Martin and Felix did a great job covering the breaks but unfortunately we missed the group with 10 riders. The whole day was really nerving and everybody was trying to ride at the front. The final was really hard for me because I was the only guy in the first group but I tried to find a good position for the last climb. My legs felt good in the final but I was already nervous after being a little sick last week and not having trained much. Nevertheless I went for it and managed to take 7th. Today was a good job from the whole team with the different challenges we faced.”

Team Sunweb coach Sebastian Deckert said: “We went into the race with a few sick riders and were already a man down as Florian Stork was unable to start this morning. With less manpower than we had expected we decided that we wouldn’t play the attacking card and would focus on protecting and positioning Max for the finish. The guys did a great job supporting him and bringing him into a good position on the last climbs where he was able to stay in the first group. He finished off the job taking a strong 7th place rounding off our season nicely. We can now reflect on a solid year of racing and take some development points forward to next year.”